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Information on Japan

  • WWW guide
    • The Japan Web Guide (by Forest Linton) : The 500 best Web sites in Japan, categorized by topic (no personal home pages listed). There are also special sections such as "Reading Japanese on the WWW", "About visiting and living in Japan"....
  • General info on Japan
  • News from Japan
    • The Japan Times : Web site of the daily paper published only in English.
    • The Weekly Post : The electronic version of the best selling weekly magazine in Japan. "The Weekly Post is proud to tell people all over the world only the truth about what is really happening in Japan." For example, the editorial of a recent issue is titled: "Are Japanese Newspapers Just Government Newsletters?" And its body: "There are two major problems common to all of Japan's major newspapers. One is the 'uniformity' or lack of diversity of their news. The other is their practice of irresponsibly blowing news stories out of proportion ... "
    • Asahi NewsPaper : This is one of Japan's major newspapers (as the Weekly Post pointed out).
    • Kyodo News : Japan's largest and most established international news agency. Comprehensive and up-to-the-minute news briefs on happenings in Japan and Asia along with a more detailed weekly edition.
  • Weather
  • Sushi (a littel about Japanese food)
    • Rolling Your Own Sushi : Mark Hutchenreuther shows how to make sushi at home. Important terms, foodstuffs needed, how to prepare rice, and lots more.

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